Butch & Femme: Adventures at Home Depot

Summer is here, and that means the big push for home improvement projects is in full swing, and TDL is…

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Conduct Becoming A Lesbian

The place where I learned how to be a lesbian has closed. “Sisters” nightclub suddenly shuttered its doors at last…

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Preaching Prejudice Door-to-Door

I opened the front door and my heart sank. The twenty-something man standing on my porch looked the very image…

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baseball bleachers

Don’t Say Gay

I’ve become that person at parties. The one responsible for that awkward moment of silence interrupted only by uncomfortable coughs…

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Winding steps

So Close and Yet So Far

Last week, the place where TDL and I live made national news when our county’s Register of Wills stated he…

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It’s About the Kids, Stupid

Our party was in full swing when eight year-old Tracey bounded into the living room calling my name. She dodged…

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The Dentist and DOMA

Call me crazy, but I used to enjoy going to the dentist.  I love the feeling of clean, shiny teeth. …

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The Difference A Day Makes

The day after the Supreme Court’s decisions on DOMA and Proposition 8 were announced, something landed in my inbox to…

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Heaven and Hell

On God, Baptism and Being Gay

Someone asked me recently if I believe in God.  She wondered if, as a lesbian, I’ve given up on God and…

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Alice, Formerly Known As Al

A motley collection of people packed into the elevator with me late that Friday afternoon:  a grandmother holding firmly to…

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