Why All Children Should be Taught How to Start a Business at School

Start a Business at School

Preparing children to fight for what they deserve and taking risks is important! Read and discover why all children should be taught how to start a business at school?


In some countries around the world, youth unemployment is high. There are different reasons why there are so many unemployed young adults, there aren’t enough job places, the countries are not developed, people are not prepared to enter the business world, and etc.

Countries like Kenya and Nigeria have found a solution to this problem – they started equipping kids with entrepreneurial foundation while they are still at school.

This prepares children properly with important foundational skills and knowledge such as risk-taking and emotional intelligence. It also develops their recognition for self-employment opportunities. In other words, when these children find themselves in hard situations where they are unemployed, they don’t sit around, crying, wondering what will happen to them. They simply don’t give up and use their skills to create new opportunities as business owners.


Incalculating a business culture and presenting the pros of entrepreneurship can’t eradicate the problem of why there are so many young people who are unemployed, however, it can certainly reduce the percent of unemployment by giving young people the knowledge and the skills they need to build their own business and find work for themselves or others.


We can all agree that entrepreneurship in schools makes sense. Teaching children how to start a business, how to be responsible for their own decisions can make a huge change in the entrepreneurial world as there will be more and more young adults who are ready to start something new, who will be ready to come up with an innovative product and empower other people to start their own entrepreneurial journey as well.

This is why we suggest that all countries should consider entrepreneurship education which will include critical thinking, problem-solving, production, teamwork, taking action, and etc.

Wen learners will see the results of using their skills and knowledge into actual problems – their learning will immediately become more valuable.

Technology teachers and learners will need to be properly trained in entrepreneurship education, but at the end of the day, it is a worthwhile investment for both the teachers and learners and their own knowledge and expertise and the value they will be able to add for their students.